Monday, January 23, 2012

Chickpeas have UBER fiber!

If you are looking for a way to bring optimum fiber into your diet, Chickpeas are an amazing and easy way to do this. They taste great, and they can be made into the best hummus you've ever tasted. I know this for a fact, so here is a great, quick hummus recipe and all you need are the ingredients and a food processor:

1 can Chickpeas (drained)
1/2 tspn dry Mustard
1/4 cup GOOD Olive Oil (it may take a little more, be prepared)
1 Clove Garlic (crushed)
Fresh Basil
Dash of Sea Salt

Pour drained chickpeas into food processor , put the lid on and give three or four pulses to rough chop. I like to turn my food processor off when I add mustard, garlic, a few pieces of fresh basil (maybe three) - but, you do not have to if you are a Processing Pro!

Add your olive oil, let it run for just a couple of seconds then check the consistency. Continue to add oil until creamy, then stir in your dash of salt.


If you choose to make your own hummus for a party, whether it's in your home or in another home and you are the invited guest...substitute chickpeas for Canellini beans.

Consuming chickpeas is great, but since they are so fibrous, they can also cause a bit of public discomfort. Either take Beano prior to consuming or do the substitution...if you get my drift.

Happy, Healthy Eating from A Brown Bag Gourmet!


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