Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Simplicity

About a year ago, a woman whom I can honestly say I didn't know very well, made a point to say to me, "You know, you and I are very different. I prefer a life of Godly simplicity over material things and money."

Clearly, her statement had more to do with her than me; and clearly, she didn't know me or even know my God - but, because we were brought together over a few months for a common purpose and she became a short-term Facebook friend, she mistakenly perceived that this gave her license to share and, possibly but erroneously, that this was something I would want to know. Her statement gave me pause, but had no immediate or long-term affect on me, and I felt no need to respond or defend myself to her, nor am I doing that now. :)

Unfortunately, there are some people who can (and will) judge you by what they "perceive" you have, and what they "perceive" you are without really getting to know you as a person or caring to know your truth. This is that individual's problem, not yours, and can be partially attributed to our ability to create a picture perfect public life through Social Media.

I'll admit to being a willing participant, as I love to share pictures and videos of my life on Facebook, Twitter @Momediachica, Instagram @ABrownBag66, and this blog - and I tend to only share the positive, pretty, fun or uplifting points and forego any postings about the many moments that aren't so proud or shiny.

It's my opinion that we all go through so much that isn't perfectly polished and shiny that it's nice to share good news, or share ideas on ways to get the most enjoyment from life. It is always my intention to share thoughts and words or provide something that might help to lift and inspire others.

Sometimes, it's a fine line between sharing and boasting, but would you agree that it's nice to see schoolmates and friends enjoying a beach vacation or a graduation or a wedding or even just a good meal with the people who make them happiest?

THOSE are the moments that make life worthwhile.

So, since we're talking about sharing, let me provide one of my favorite things from a small piece of my own practiced simplicity for which I truly thank God...Sunday and Sunday breakfast!

Each week, I look forward to sharing Sunday breakfast with my husband (and Beagle!). Never ever fussy; just a nice, simple breakfast that we share in a moment that is just ours.

One of my favorites is scrambled eggs and salami, which I only learned about in 2008 while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas (of all places) with my in-laws. My MIL has been making this for my husband since he was a child, and I am happy to be able to make him one of his faves.

All you have to do is cut up some hard salami and throw it in with your eggs as you are scrambling. The salty salami flavors the eggs and it is truly a treat!

Now THAT'S something worth sharing!

Have a splendid Sunday, enjoy the true gift of your own simple abundance, live your life the way you choose and on your own terms. Thank you for reading!



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